A Golden Who Looks Like A Golden Retriever



There is a big difference between a well bred Golden and a back yard example. There is a reason for a price difference... and we will try to help you to see this. These first photos are not photos of our dogs, however, they are all registered pure bred golden retrievers. This is meant only to give you an idea that not all Goldens are bred equal. Every dog is special and deserves to be loved and cared for, but, if your desire is to own a good representation of the breed, then finding a reputable breeder is a great place to start.

    Notice the lack of coat, miss-mark of white on the foot,  poor build, and generally poor breed type.  This just doesn't look like a golden, but rather a cross.  You can't get a wonderful, beautiful Golden from this, nor will you get the correct coat of the Golden you see on TV or at the dog shows.

This is why breeders strive to preserve the Golden Retriever to the standard as closely as we can. We are committed to protecting the breed we love and working with other breeders and organizations to improve the health of this breed.

The Golden is an elegant dog who's grace and beauty is something to protect. Our puppies are the result of a careful, very selective breeding program combining over 26 years experience in purebred dogs. We do extensive research for lines with logevity, lines without early inherited cancer, and correct hip structure. We've learned a lot along the way. This careful consideration given first to temperament, then breed type, & quality, you will find a Legend puppy boasting a beautiful typical coat. We stand behind our puppies and offer a guarantee with every puppy we sell.

Puppies range between $1800-$3100+ depending on the litter and pet or show puppy. We place beautiful puppies in pet homes who could be shown but if you just want a pet you will still have a beautiful Golden who looks like a Golden Retriever should and is healthy and happy.

Note:  A breeder is not anyone who breeds a litter of puppies in their backyard.  A true breeder is concerned with genetic testing, breeds for quality, has exceptional breeding stock and a reputation behind them.  Breeders are careful to consider every factor when breeding a litter and spend large number of hours in pedigree research.  They take responsibility for every dog they have bred even if the owners have to surrender it late in life. 

"a typical Legend litter waiting for their new homes"


Below are just a few photos of Legend Golden puppies we have sold to pet homes.