Legend's Building Sandcastles

Playing in the grass


OFA Health Clearances - (link to OFA page)


OFA Number                              Registry                                 Final Conclusion

GR-113758F25F-PI                    HIPS                                       FAIR
GR-CA29031/29F/C-VPI             CARDIAC                                 NORMAL - CARDIOLOGIST
GR-CA29031/35F/P-VPI             CARDIAC                                 NORMAL - PRACTITIONER
GR-EYE8536/29F-VPI                 EYES                                      NORMAL
GR-DE452/35F-VPI                    DENTITION                             FULL DENTITION
GR-PA1008/35F/P-VPI                PATELLA                                 NORMAL - PRACTITIONER


Other Health Clearances performed by Animal Genetics

Muscular Dystrophy                            N/N                            Clear
Golden Ret. PRA 1                              N/N                            Clear
Golden Ret. PRA 2                              N/N                            Clear 

Dillon's Lets Play Ball "Sport"  (Whisper Grand son)

Legend's Building Sandcastles "Summer"

Legend's Summit Song "Echo" (Music/ Sam daughter)