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Fill out an Application or contact cherish at 616-217-1616

Puppy Protocol

Day 1 - 16:Whelped in the living room Stimulations begin the first day, as well as daily handling. This helps puppies get used to being held, feeling different textures, and experiencing a range of Sounds, voices and people.
Day 17 - 4 Weeks:Pups are handled individually every day. We talk to them, pet them, and let them explore their pen in our home.
4 - 6 Weeks:Puppies are handled every day, held, petted, and talked to. They are taken out of the whelping pen and begin to explore. Toys are introduced, and puppies begin to do short retrieves.
6 - 8 Weeks:Puppies continue retrieving and playing with toys. They are taken for walks to explore outside. Puppies are introduced to the collar and a dragging lead. We take our pups through cover, over ditches, up and down hills, and to all the places they need to learn to go for hunting and to be a well rounded family pet. They become comfortable inside the house as well, going up and down stairs, seeing a TV, cats, other dogs, and other aspects of home life. Beginning crate training is started, with pups becoming more and more familar with the crate as time progresses. They are introduced to many new surfaces, rooms, environments and people.
8-10 Weeks:Puppies are can go to their new owners! (Puppies being shipped can fly to there new home at 10 weeks)

Our puppies are the result of a careful, very selective breeding program combining over 26 years experience in the breed. We've learned a lot along the way. This careful consideration gives you the peace of mind that a Legend Lake puppy will be bred for temperament, breed type, quality, and boasting a beautiful typical coat. We stand behind our puppies and offer a guarantee with every puppy we sell. Puppies are raised in our home under foot and Socializing with the many sounds and people who live and visit.

Please Visit the"Information"section of the website for information about what products we recommend, training tips and books, why choose a puppy from a good breeder, and much more

 Puppy picks are determined by the order in which deposits are received.  Legend Goldens reserves the right to choose first the puppy they will be keeping for showing and breeding.

You can't buy loyalty, they say
I bought it though, the other day;
You can't buy friendship tried and true,
But just the same, I bought that too.

I made my bid and on the spot
Bought love and faith and a whole job lot
of happiness, so all in all
The purchase price was pretty small.

I bought a single trusting heart,
That gave devotion from the start
If you think these things are not for sale
Buy a brown-eyed puppy with a wagging tail.


Legend Lake Golden Retrievers