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"Everything a Golden Retriever should be .... and so much more!"

Please enjoy browsing through pictures of Legend Puppies and Dogs who are enjoying life with some of our trusted clients.  If you would like your Legend Dog's pictures here, please send them to us, and we'll put them on our site for you.

Sammy and Pat loving life in North Dakota

I thought you would get a laugh out of our latest adventure.  I took Sam to a dog show in Minnesota last weekend to show him in Novice Obedience.  He qualified on Sat. but did it in typical Sam fashion. This was the first time I have shown him so we were in the Novice A.  On Sat. he did fairly well on his heeling - on and off leash - except when some people walked by the ring and he went over to greet them.  However he quickly caught up with me and continued on.  For the final extended sit and down the judge decided to do the A and B groups together.  We lined up, put leashes and numbers behind our dogs.  On one side of me was a professional obedience trainer - very very serious.  Sam did the sit perfectly and when we returned to our dogs I reached down to praise him….. he took off - ran over to the obedience trainer and took her number, ran around the ring and took the number up to the judge.  Of course by this time everyone was howling, including the judge.  She removed the number from Sam's mouth and gingerly presented a very wet number tag to its owner.  I was mortified - but secretly I couldn't help but smile because it was so darn funny and so typically Sam.  Of course I apologized profusely and the obedience trainer was gracious about the whole thing.  When we went back on Sunday everyone greeted Sam by name - I'm sure waiting to see what he would do in the ring this time.  What he did was nothing - I might of well have been in Grand Forks for all the attention he gave me.  He did do a perfect recall and finish, and the extended sit and down.  The heeling was nonexistent  -  so we came home with one day of success  - another show, another day!  Ya gotta love him!  Pat


I thought you might enjoy seeing this photo.  Mungo has been apart of the West Michigan Cancer Center's pet therapy/comfort dog team since January.  In case you don't recognize him, he is the best looking golden of the bunch (on the left).

I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing dog he is nor how many compliments he continues to get on a daily basis.  He is known as "Mungo the Perfect Golden" at the Meadow Run Dog Park, and the "Resident Sweetheart" at Camp Fido dog daycare.

Henry was enlisted for helping out with costume.
He's the best dog I've ever had, hands down... exactly what we were hoping for

Sammy lives with Pat in North Dakota.  He is out of Spark & Charger and is pictured here enjoying life in the back yard.  Sammy keeps Pat very busy.  He knows how to turn on the outdoor faucet when he wants a drink, loves to play in toilet paper and continually looks for ways to delight (or mortify) Pat. 


Hi Girls and Merry Christmas,
It's been awhile since we've been in touch. I wonder how you are all doing. I sit here realizing that Ike is celebrating his third birthday this month. Where has the time gone. What a guy he is. We are so happy with him. Every once in awhile I forget how special he is till we go for a walk and "everyone " says "Great Looking Dog" Yep I knew that.
We are home for a couple of weeks for Christmas and then down to Florida. We came home in a snowstorm with our trailer and Ike was the only member of the family that was happy to see snow. He ran circles all over the yard....I'm not going to tell him that we will be off for another adventure in warmer weather after Christmas.
We are very anxious to meet Tippy.....I have had a couple of pictures and e mails from Jack and Sally. It will be fun to see when she and Ike meet. I hope to send you some pictures.
So I am sending some pictures of Ike on his last year's odyssey. You can tell he mostly sleeps and plays and gives good will to everyone he meets. Have a wonderful Christmas.


I thought you might like to see what a rough life Sadie (Studio) has. I couldn’t find Nancy so I found ‘the girls’ taking a nap in the Gazebo together. Isn’t this cute? I think this is where they coined the phrase “A dogs life”.

Take care

Hi Tammy--

I thought you might like to see these photos of Legend's Maestro Mungo:
What a wonderful puppy.  His whole world is in love with him.  We take nice walks, have play dates, and yesterday attended a concert in the park.  He sat and waited at all of the traffic lights and then sat pretty or snoozed through the concert.  Only one sit-down strike on the walk back to the car.
Thank you so much for the love and care you (and Music) gave him.  I could not have imagined such a loving and gentle dog.

          *******Legend's Maestro Mungo********       a Music/Samson Puppy

Hi Cherish-

I hope all is well with you! I thought you might enjoy seeing some photo's
of Castle doing her favorite activity in the whole wide world....running the
beach and swimming in Lake Michigan. She is doing really well and Cheryl
and I really love her. We have become a threesome as we literally seem to
go just about everywhere together. She has totally integrated herself into
our lives. Simply put, she is just a wonderful, wonderful dog. Thank you
again for allowing us the pleasure of having her as part of our lives.
My Best Wishes,
Michael D.


Hi Girls,
Well we are home. Had a great winter in the warm climate of Florida. Ike is a wonderful traveler. Not many at the park knew me by my name...just that I was the woman with the beautiful Golden named Ike.
Sounds like Sally and Jack have put a deposit on an upcoming puppy of Powder's. They are so excited. Ike and I ran into them as they were coming to tell us about the new puppy. They are wonderful people and will make great parents. We both are anxious to see each other next winter when they will have their new girl.
There is another couple from New York that may give us a call for information to contact you. They have a 16 year old Golden and know that it will be soon that they will be looking for a new one.
So again I must say that Ike is everything that we were looking for. I know that he was bread for show and what a show he is. I can't believe we have had him for two years.

Dear Legend Goldens,  Classic decided to go after a goose in the
river. Needless to say he had a very long swim. I can see why he was
good at hunting! I will try to get pictures of all three of the fellas!
Hope all is well. I just wanted to send these to you. Polar is great, and we love him to death. He's adjusted beautifully, loves to sit on the couch with us. I just wanted to send you these pictures of Polar and Journey. I was so glad I had the camera close by. Hannah, Polar and Journey will all play together, love to chase the ball, and Polar discovered the river. Thanks again. Call if you need anything or have
 questions. Lisa
Dear Legend Goldens,
We visited our vet last week for Comiskey’s 2 year appointment and rabies shot. Our vet had her golden pass away last fall and she was telling us that she’s interested in getting another golden. She has a family (expecting another child late this summer) and is looking for a young golden. She really loves comiskey and think she’s a great dog and was asking us for information about where we got her. I explained to her that you sometimes place adult goldens and have the “jump start” program for older puppies. I gave her your contact information and I think she is going to contact you.

Just wanted to say thanks again and that we couldn’t be happier with Comiskey.
Kevin Schroeder

Ike is such a beautiful boy. He has become such a loved member of the family. He has even become good friends with our family's older golden Lacy. She's like a mother to him. He's learning where to go potty and has already picked up how to sit and lay down. He's very smart. Thanks a million for this incredible boy.

Bryan and Christina.

Hi Cherish,

Hope all is well with you, your family and your dogs. Everything is good here and Sam is wonderful. My Hannah is now almost 11 ½ and doing well, too.

Have a good day and thanks for any information you might have. Once again I have to tell you that getting Sam was such a gift – he is the most wonderful dog. I can’t imagine life without him. I’ll always be grateful to you.

Sue Keller


      Thanks so much for the tip. I have never heard of that before. I’ll have to get some and try it. I’m very thankful that Sam is healthy and happy.  It amazes me that Sam NEVER barks. He is such a quiet dog – even his gait is very quiet as he moves around the house. None of my Goldens have ever been big barkers, but they would bark when someone comes. Not Sam – not ever. 
      We go visit my neighbor down the street who is a widow and had to have her last dog put down and she loves for Sam to visit. It’s great to see how he makes her feel so special.
        I recently had Sam in for his annual check up and my veterinarian told me that of all my dogs and his dogs, he thinks Sam is the best all around dog. I must agree. I have had some wonderful Goldens, but he is very special. I hope when the day comes that I’m ready for another dog, that I can get an adult dog from you. He has kind of sold me on males and I never thought that would happen. I’m not sure if it’s just his personality, but now I see so many “girl” characteristics in my other dogs that he doesn’t have. I thought I would only have Golden girls!
     I have a co-worker who has a Papillon and she is just crazy about her. I showed her the pictures on your website and she enjoyed them. They are cute but a little too small for me. I think I’ll always have a Golden.


Hi Cherish,

I wanted to share some pictures of my beloved Dudley Doright who I picked up from your kennel in April of 2007. He is a delight for me and his two older companions. Indy will be twelve in June and Rhett turned seven this March. They are definitely a pack and do everything together. I couldn't have found a better addition to our family.

Barry G. Hohlfelder

Nobody loves to watch a dog show like a dog!                              


Here are some pictures of Parker. He is from the Whisper liter in April of 2008. He is best thing that has happened to us. On Christmas day we are taking to a retirement home and children's home to help cheer up those less fortunate. Everywhere we take Parker, we always get compliments on how beautiful he is. Everyone in the neighborhood already knows who he is. All that we are missing is a friend for him to play with!!!! Maybe next summer????

Rick & Sara


Just a quick note to let you know that we love Spotlight. She is doing just fine. We adore her. Everyone who meets her says how beautiful, and gentle she is. We have been working on housebreaking, she is coming along just fine. We had her spayed last month, she did great. I think that was harder on all of us. She loves to play with the boys,and go in the car with us. We plan in starting obidience class in January. She is laying under my feet as I write this. She really was a perfect fit for us. Thank You again. We love her.
Michelle, Michael, & Drew


Hi! I just wanted to try and send a few pictures of Murphy to you (he was your April litter and we took him home in June). He is soo cute and keeps us very entertained with his antics and his energy/slightly mischievious nature!!


Katie is one of two puppies in the home of the Ryan's, These two are like twins going every where together. They are well behaved and valued members of their family. Everyone who meets these two falls in love.


Our Prince Charming out for a run and swim Sunday. Would you say that your wonder dog can't get enough when it comes to sticks. heh heh
Thank you again for our boy who is now a happy two year old.

Barb and Ira

(Ransom is an adult dog we sold spring of 2008.)

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