Golden Retriever Breed Standard

The Golden Retriever is a noble dog whose intelligence and beauty are unsurpassed. The Golden Retriever owes its existence to the dedicated work of one man. Lord Tweedmouth of Iverness-shire,in the Scottish Highlands, was responsible for developing a breed that could work all day in heavy cover, be a strong swimmer, and retrieve from icy cold water. These abilities along with the dogs attractive features helped to give the Golden worldwide popularity. A devoted partner, a working hunter and a passionate retriever have made this dog versatile in the field and a delightful house pet. The breed excels at field trials, obedience, agility, water trials, guide dogs for the blind,assistance dogs for the physically challenged and drug and explosive detection work. It is, however, this dogs undying loyalty to its owners, gentleness with children and willingness to work along side people that hallmark the breed. It is a very biddable dog whose honest work ethic he never shirks but rather always works to the best of his ability every time. The golden can persevere when other dogs give up or lose heart. The Golden Retriever is a willing worker who exercises forgiveness and responsibility.

Muzzle-straight in profile
lending smoothly into the skull. Pigment should be dark.
Teeth - full dentition
with a scissors bite.Teeth - full dentition
with a scissors bite.
Neck - is medium in length offering strength and stability

Body-well balanced, deep through the chest and short coupled. Chest should be as wide as a man's fist with a well developed forechest.Brisket extends to the elbow. Ribs long and well sprung with very little tuck-up.
Tail - Well set-on, thick and muscular at the base following the natural line of the croup. Tailbone extends to, but not below the point of the hock. Carried level or slightly merry with no curl.Ribs - well sprung, deep, long and capacious to help with buoyancy and provide room for the heart and lungs.

Light gold

Dark Gold

Medium Gold
Feet-round, cat-like, tight and well knuckled with thick pads for protection.

Stifles - well bent, hocks well let down, with strong rear pasterns.