Sample Stud Contract

Legend Lake Kennels

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Dam__________________________________________ Date________________


Phone Number_ (____) _______________________

It is agreed that the stud fee will be $____plus one pick of the litter, or a one time fee of $_______. $100.00 is due at the time of breeding for breeding services and care. The balance is due before the owner of the stud applies for registration of the puppies. The puppy for the stud owner, should this be a breeding with pick, will be the choice of the stud owner before any puppies are sold.

If death of the puppies occurs due to neglect by the owner of the female or delivery of the puppies, there will be no refund of money or a repeat breeding. The female must be in good health and must not be overweight at the time of breeding as this may make it more difficult for the dog to conceive and deliver the pups. The owner of the female agrees to have any necessary testing done that is required by the stud dog owner.

I agree as the owner of the stud to repeat the breeding in the event that the dam has 3 or less puppies or the breeding was unsuccessful. I also agree to transfer this rebreeding to another dog owned by the person named above should the dam used in this breeding be determined too old or the risk too great. This determination is at the discretion of the dam owner listed above. This does not apply to any golden retriever not owned by the dam owner listed above.

It is agreed that the above named dam has had OFA prelims or OFA done on her hips and has passed and also has had her eyes CERF and the heart is clear. I have met with ___________________and agree that she is in good health and good quality and this is an acceptable line-breeding or outcross, at the discretion of the breeder.

It is also agreed that all puppies who are not determined show quality are to be sold on a Limited Registration that can or can not be revoked at a later date providing the owner of said puppy returns with all clearances for breeding and is acceptable for breeding. A limited registration means that they can show the dog in any class but the breed ring. Any dog sold as a full registration will be agreed upon by both the stud owner and the breeder as a show quality prospect.

Stud dog owner Dam Owner
________________________________ ______________________________