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Sale agreement and guarantee

Buyers Name__________________________________________________
Date of Sale__________ Date of Whelp:____________________________
Dog’s Sex: _______

Spay/Neuter Agreement for “Dog's Name”

Breeders Guarantee: All dogs carry a 5 day health guarantee. If during that period the dog becomes seriously ill and a veterinarian can attribute that illness to us, we will refund the purchase price of the dog upon the immediate return of the dog. Beyond that period, regular deworming, cocciddia checks, proper diet, proper weight, inoculations and nutrition are the responsibility of the purchaser. Dog will need a regular series of shots every spring. We strongly recommend you follow your veterinarian’s protocol for your dog. Heart guard is necessary to protect every dog from heart worms that are life threatening.

A replacement dog will be offered for any of the following defects within 12 months of purchase

1. Crippling hip displasia requiring surgery or euthanasia.
2. Eye problems causing blindness of genetic origin. (Written documentation is required from two qualified veterinarians or veterinary ophthalmologists. Seller will have a choice of veterinarians for second opinion. If the dog is still able to serve as a useful pet, it must be returned to the seller before a replacement dog will be issued. If this animal has been bred, this contract is null and void.

Buyer’s Responsibilities: The buyer agrees to accept the duties of a responsible dog owner which include

1. The seller has first right of refusal should the buyer be unable to keep this dog for any reason it will be returned to the seller.
2. If the seller is able to re-home the dog, the sale profit will be forwarded to the original purchaser of said dog.
3. The buyer agrees to spay this dog within 3 months of the purchase date.
4. A completely fenced yard, underground fence or dog run. The dog will never be allowed to run loose which is against the law in most states.
5. Proper diet and veterinary care along with maintaining proper weight. Hip displasia caused by obesity is not covered in this contract.
6. Provide adequate training including attending formal dog classes to properly socialize and train the dog. Classes should have a positive approach without choke collars and other unnecessary harsh equipment.
7. Update shots annually, do blood work for heart worms and follow a veterinarian’s care plan for the dogs’ protection and well-being.
8. Should this dog be denied proper veterinary care, proper diet or shelter from severe weather and temperatures the purchaser surrenders the right of ownership and the seller has the right to remove the dog.

Signed and agreed to by buyer Signed and agreed to by seller

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