Puppy Program

Puppy Program

Day 1 - 16:Whelped in the living room Stimulations begin the first day, as well as daily handling. This helps puppies get used to being held, feeling different textures, and experiencing a range of voices and people.
Day 17 - 4 Weeks:Pups are handled individually every day. We talk to them, pet them, and let them explore their pen in our home.
4 - 6 Weeks:Puppies are handled every day, held, petted, and talked to. They are taken out of the whelping pen and begin to explore. Toys are introduced, and puppies begin to do short retrieves.
6 - 8 Weeks:Puppies continue retrieving and playing with toys. They are taken for walks to explore outside. Puppies are introduced to the collar and a dragging lead. We take our pups through cover, over ditches, up and down hills, and to all the places they need to learn to go for hunting and to be a well rounded family pet. They become comfortable inside the house as well, going up and down stairs, seeing a TV, cats, other dogs, and other aspects of home life. Beginning crate training is started, with pups becoming more and more familar with the crate as time progresses. They are introduced to many new surfaces, rooms, environments and people.
8-10 Weeks:Puppies are can go to their new owners! (Puppies being shipped can fly to there new home at 10 weeks)

Jumpstart - Jumpstart is a paid program that starts after the puppy has been purchased

Our “Jumpstart” puppies are usually between 3-10 months of age when they go to their new home. They have been well socialized, started on housebreaking, started on crate training, and have been started in basic obedience training. We take them on walks in the field, introducing them to different terrain and to work on coming when called. They are started on loose leash walking and coming when called, they learn the word “No”, for occasions in which they may grab something in the house, such as a shoe or other item we don’t want them playing with. They are taught to wait before eating, and are accustom to us putting our hand in and around them, while they are eating their food.

The advantages of starting with an older puppy are many. The pup is old enough to be easily housebroken, where as a 7 week old puppy doesn’t yet have the continence, nor control, to be corrected in house training. The older puppies have also been introduced to various situations such as being in a crate and riding in a vehicle. They are handled by many people, so they will easily adjust to their new owner. The “Jumpstart” puppy is ready to go on and start more advanced training. Visit the Jumpstart page for more information on this program


Occasionally we have adult golden retrievers available. These dogs have finished their show career, or have finished training. If you are interested in an adult, please let us know by Contacting Legend Lake Golden Retrievers or completing our application form. By the time we decide to place a dog, most of the time we already have a waiting list or the dog is only on the web for a few days before being placed.

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